Ramadhan All in One

Ramadhan Inside, Ramadhan Outside

The event is usually held the all staff and management of the relationship, of  this time with Mr. Junichi Shimizu (NSMAT)

Second year, held the fasting dinner together all staff again. Fasting Dinner activities this time held on 30 July 2013 in the RM Mang Kabayan Cikarang Baru . Group is divided into several separate vehicles that take different paths and then meet in the location and Solat Magrib.

Ramadhan of the year, NSMI held fasting Dinner together. The event held on ramadhan every year. This Time, the event held on Friday July,26th 2013 with rent a arimbi place at RM. ALAM SARI, Delta Mas. Fasting Dinner propose for tighten the relationship between supplier & customer (NSMI-MKCJ)

On 19 July 2013, Recitation & recitation in Mosque NSMI Hj. Nuraeni with the theme of Women's  Soleha


Fasting Dinner Together all employee in NSMI (16-07-2013)


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