Family Gathering this year (2015) is 1 day trip aided by Seirah Event Organizer Company  in the cultivation of the whole event.

The Event has held in region Nirwana Sentul, Sentul City – Bogor, West Java, The Jungle Land Adventure Theme Park has an area of 35 hectares with more than 31 rides and attractions that can be enjoyed every day. The Jungle Land Adventure park is still the highest in Indonesia.

We suggest you to wear sunblock in to pretend the weather while playing around the theme park. Bring changes cloth; drink more water and using hat or umbrella. We say thank you to all members.




The ages of company that penetrates the second year of a memorable journey and deserves appreciations. With theme of “Garden Party” PT. NSMI has celebrating the 2nd Birthday with simplified


Celebrating Independence Day, August 17th 2015


Every year Indonesian people have celebrating their Independence Day, as known as August Seventeen.





One of newest regulation from government regarding Safety is regulation of Ministry of Labor And Transmigration No. Per15/Men/VIII/2008 regarding First Aid in working place in chapter 2, article 3 point 1 & 2 as mention as :

“First Aid officers in the working place as mention on article 2 point 1, the officer shall have a license and have activity book for first aid from Head of responsible agencies from ministry of labor Republic Indonesia”.

And Point 2 has mention: “To get the license as mention on point 1 must meeting bellow requirements:

a)    Must work in concerned company

b)    Physically and Mentally healthy

c)    Ready to be first aid officer, and

d)    Has knowledge and basic skill of first aid in the working place has proven by certificate of training.


After completed the training, we hope the trainee have ability to:

a)    Ability to mention circumstances cause respiratory arrest and cardiac arrest.

b)    Ability to demonstrate technical checks and on the victims of an accident or sudden illness.

c)    Ability to demonstrate technic of resuscitation ABC

d)     Ability to demonstrate the relief to the victims who suffered as a result of airway obstruction by foreign materials.




Career day in NSMI are event has facility by labor division of Bekasi region which is free for all visitors and company.

Labor division of Bekasi region is coordination with some company and job seeker in the one time and one place. Career days NSMI also give strong synergy between NSMI Management and Government in the fields of labor search, research, training and developments.




On June 11th 2016, PT. NSMI for the umpteenth time had the honor of a visit by Mr. Kenji Yamada, CEO of Nippon Steel & Sumikin Materials Co. Ltd, Japan.

The visit starts from the introduction of Honey Comb process, the process of inspection products and facilities around NSMI. Mr. Kenji Yamada very enthusiastic in this visit time, he interact with NSMI employees.




Open Fasting Together as being a harmonious life in multicultural employee. In Fasting month Ramadan, PT. NSMI religion committee conduct event open fasting together (dinner).

This Ramadan event has doing together with reading al-Qur’an together. This Ramadan event not only formalities to demonstrate their religious tolerance or simply dinner together. But this event is based on the emotional bonds that have formed between the employees of PT. NSMI.




Fire Extinguisher is a tool that is lightweight and easily usage for one person to extinguish the fire at the first event of fires.

(Definition based on Labor Ministry regulation No. 4/Men/1980 concerning Terms of installation and maintenance of Fire Extinguisher)

Procedures of usage fire extinguisher:

a)    Pull or release pin locking lever of fire extinguisher tube.

b)    Navigate to center point of the fire hose

c)    Press the lever to remove the contents of portable fire extinguisher / fire tube.

d)    Rub evenly until the fire is extinguished.


YEARLY EMPLOYEE PRESENTATION (Performance Report Ta. 2014-2015)


Yearly report presentations are reports of progress and achievements that were achieved by several divisions/departments within a year.

Data and accurate information is the key annual report writing. The content of the annual report including financial statement and the achievement of the performance of the division for one year and then be presented to the Management of PT. NSMI


Jungle Survival Outbound Training


Basically, jungle survival outbound training is a program aims to build the resilience of participant, both physical endurance and mental spiritual endurance so that participants are able to adapt in any heavy opposition and in the training program as well as in daily working activities. We hope from this training that trainee can take a rational decision and more profitable event working in under pressure of target, family problem and others problem.

In addition, Jungle survival program training also aim to build a sense of caring participant itself and others fellow participant, to communicate effectively over the fields, to increase self-confidence, co-worker and to the God. As well as many more benefit contained in the activities of Jungle Survivor Outbound training is functioning as a bridge to build a more solid team work.

And most importantly, will eventually form a group or a solid working team, have nerves of steel, protecting each other and have the same target. One team, one spirit and one goal….




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