CMP Pad Conditioner [Tokai-City, Aichi,  Japan]

Nippon Steel & Sumikin Materials has developed a unique CMP pad dresser, the NS MEDRES, by applying metal and ceramics bonding technologies produced from years of research and accumulated know-how. In the LSI, we have achieved the complete prevention of the falling of diamond-abrasive grain, thanks to superior bonding strength, compared with the conventional nickel-electroplated pad dressers.

We have also developed a new product by applying this bonding method to fine diamond-abrasive grains. This product meets the needs of high integration for the higher magnetic recording density of HDs and is expected to have an effect on high flatness and the removal of the undulation of substrates in the future.


CMP Pad Conditioner

■ Features

(1)Prevents macro-scratches caused by the falling of diamond

(2)Exhibits extremely high corrosion resistance and is available for oxide film CMP and metal CMP without being affected by slurry

(3)Product life twice as long as our conventional pad dressers

(4)Achieves superior bonding strength using diamonds with small diameters of up to #1500

Grit Diameter of CMP Pad Conditioner

CMP Pad Conditioner