HIP Processed Materials [Kitakyusyu-City, Fukuoka-Japan]

NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN MATERIALS, operating to 1,950°C, 196 MPa max. HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing) furnaces, and utilizing its abundant HIP-processing experience, accumulated over many years, is ready to serve your needs regarding the design & engineering, manufacture, and sale of HIP-processed materials and components, while also undertaking HIP-processing services on commission.

■ Service

(1) HIP Processing Services

●Various highly functional ceramic materials

-Improved reliability of SiC、ZrO2、Al2O3、Si3N4, and other ceramic materials (for electronic parts, precision devices, etc.)

-Support regarding the substitution of highly functional ceramic materials, with the objective of the weight reduction of parts

●Improved reliability in sintered and cast components

-Removal of creep voids occurring from long-term service at elevated temperatures

-Removal of internal defects in sintered and cast components

HIP Furnace

HIP Furnace HIP Furnace

(2) HIP-processed rolls

●Improvement in the functions of various rolls according to intended uses (improvement of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.)

-High-speed tool-steel alloy (leveling rolls)

-Nickel alloy (Conductor Rolls)

-Cobalt alloys, etc

 Conductor Roll

 Conductor Roll Conductor Roll

(3) Sputtering-target materials

●Manufacture of target materials featuring tight and fine particle sizes through powder-sintering

-Cr targets

-Alloy targets (Ni alloys, Cr alloys, Cu alloys, etc.)

●Other target materials

-Ti targets (Maximum size: 3,000 x 9,000 mm)

Spattering-target materials

Spattering-target materials Sputtering-target materials

(4) Joining of powder-sintered precision parts and dissimilar metals

●Higher functionality of various materials according to intended uses

-The saving of expensive materials by arranging highly functional materials only in places where they are required

-Realizing highly reliable joined faces by means of joining dissimilar metals through the atomic diffusion method

Powder Blowing Nozzle

Powder Blowing Nozzle Powder Blowing Nozzle

■ The integrated manufacturing technologies, focused on HIP, support the development of new products.

(1)Particulate design and material procurement that meet the required quality

(2)From optimum capsule design to preprocessing such as filling and degassing

(3)Various processes through to the finished product

(4)Various types of analysis for sintered and bonding materials, along with quality assurance