To meet demands for auto mobiles to be more friendly to the environment, NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN MATERIALS has developed extra-thin metal substrates for catalytic converter (20µm). These substrates have attracted wide attention as they exhibit high emission cleaning efficiency, high power efficiency and compactness.

We also have developed the new stainless steel foil that bears an ultra high temperature of more than 1000°C, caused by high demand for the improvement of fuel consumption. Together with the thermal stress-strain analysis and simulation technologies, We offers as much technical services as possible that precisely cope with various advancing demands from automobile manufacturers.


(1)Installed right under the exhaust manifold, NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN MATERIALS’s metal substrate for catalytic converters can endure severe conditions that requires low pressure loss and high vibration resistance, and exhibits high emission cleaning capability to the limit.

(2)Making use of the ”metal features” such as high temperature durability, low temperature catalyst activity and quick light-off, our metal substrates are widely used for high power gasoline cars, diesel cars and motorcycles etc.

(3)We can realize a variety of customer’s demands, such as the size of the honeycombs, the thickness of the stainless steel foils, and the size of the cells.