Pitch-based Carbon Fiber / Composite [Chuo-ku, Tokyo-Japan | Himeji City, Hyogo-Japan]

Compared to conventional materials, carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) – resin reinforced by carbon fiber – are not only extremely light, but also provide superior strength, modulus and low-thermal-expansion properties.

Although initially only used as a material for satellites and in sports applications (golf club shafts, etc.), advances in manufacturing technology and cost reduction are propelling the employment of CFRP into a wider variety of fields such as general industry and construction.

With the CFRP lineup manufactured and sold by Composites Company, NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN MATERIALS can offer a range of CFRP products, including fiber sheets for reinforcement of concrete objects (TOWSHEETTM) and CFRP for industrial uses.

The affiliate, Nippon Graphite Fiber Corp., manufactures and sells pitch-based carbon fiber, and supplies ultra-high modulus grade fiber, AMORPHOUS CARBON FIBERTM, and other fibers with excellent properties unrealizable in conventional PAN-based carbon fiber products


Various CFRP Products

Various CFRP Products


Pitch-based Carbon Fiber

Nippon Graphite Fiber Corporation supplies a wide variety of coal tar pitch-based carbon fibers with excellent properties (mechanical properties, thermal properties, etc.) to all industrial fields as base materials for composite materials. Our carbon fibers are produced and marketed by Nippon Graphite Fiber corporation (affiliete NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN MATERIALS) under the brand name "GranocTM"

■ Features


(2)Ultra high modulus grade(95tf/mm2)

(3)High thermal conductivity grade

■ Application

(1)Aerospace (Antenna and Back structure for satellites etc.)

(2)Sports & Leisure (Golf club shaft, Fishing rod etc.)

(3)Industry (Roller, Robotic arm etc.)

Pitch-based Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber Composite

CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics) are formed into various shapes to replace metals. Making full use of the materials and structural design techmologies amassed over the years, Composite Company, NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN MATERIALS has developed and is marketing various CFRP products, such as concrete reinforcing bars for shaft walls in the underground shield tunneling (NOMOSTTM) method, CFRP strands, rods, repair and rein-forcing sheets for civil engineering and building purpose, light-weight CFRP rolls for industrial use, and large structures.

■ Features

(1)Light weight

(2)High strength and High modulus

(3)Excellent damping properties, High fatigue strength,Zero coefficient of thermal expansion

(4)High flexibility in designing

■ Application

(1)Roller for industrial use, Robotic arm and End effector

(2)Molded composite for large-scale structures

(3)Carbon Fiber Sheet for rehabilitation/strengthening of concrete structures

(4)Concrete reinforcing bars for shaft walls in the underground shield tunneling (NOMSTTM) method.


TOWSHEET TM application                TOWSHEET  TM