Semiconductor Bonding Materials [Iruma-City, Saitama-Japan | Batangas-Philipines | Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia | Hangzhou-China]

NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN MATERIALS is committed to offering the most advanced technologies to meet the challenge of rapidly increasing high-integration, high-density IC requirements. We taking advantage of strong links with Advanced Technology Research Laboratories(NSSMC), provides customers with superior bonding wire and microball products, through its affiliate, Nippon Micrometal.

Bonding Materials  Bonding Materials

Copper Bonding Wire

Copper bonding wire, as a material alternative to expensive gold bonding wire, permits substantial cost reduction. The EX Series is a next-generation bonding wire that offers compatibility between attractive pricing and steady levels of productivity-and it can also serve as a high-function PKG.

■ Features

-stability and much better 2nd Bonderability

-Bonding operation requires only N2 gas

-Long spooled length like gold wires (No Sealing Bag needed)

EX1 Wire(Copper Bonding Wire)       EX1 use for fine IC Package(EX1-φ18μm)

EX1 Wire(Copper Bonding Wire)      EX1 use for fine IC Package(EX1-φ18μm)

Gold Bonding Wire

The purity of gold is 99.99%. NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN MATERIALS has enhanced the strength, loop shape controllability, bond reliability, etc., by improving the trace additive and the processing.

■ Features

Corresponded to various semiconductor mounting from a general-purpose semiconductor to the CSP mounting.

-for longer spans, shorter spans

-for fine pitches

-for smaller wire diameter

-for low, medium / high, and high loop operation

■ Size

φ15µm~50µm(Ave. φ25µm)

Wire connected at 35µm pitch

Wire connected at 35µm pitch

Micro Solder Ball

Eutectic or Lead-Free microballs, superior in fatigue resistance and mountability required for various packages from BGAs and CSPs to Flip Chips.

■ Features

Excellent in dimensional accuracy and spherically.

■ Size


Micro Solder Ball   Balls mounted on a chip

                                                 Balls mounted on a chip